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Gjøco develops thermosetting plastics

Thermosetting plastics are durable products with many uses. We develop our products according to the best quality and the latest technology on the market.

Real Norwegian thermosetting plastic

At our department at Galterud, we develop and produce durable, waterproof and elastic thermosetting plastic products. Because we produce and deliver from Norway, we can guarantee fast deliveries.

In production, we focus on the most environmentally friendly raw materials and the largest possible proportion of raw materials based on renewable energy. Below you can see some projects with Herdeplast.


Herdeplast brukes som membran, belegg (terrazzo, sand, flak etc.), lim og coating i byggenæringen.


Industrigulv, storkjøkken, dekker i p-hus, tetting og beskyttelse i betongkonstruksjoner som kaier, bruer og tankanlegg.


Produktene er slitesterke, vanntette og raskt herdende.

Moss To-Takt AS

Solberg Gulv & Industribelegg AS installed a fantastic decorative floor with Gjøco's products in the sales premises of Moss To-Takt in Moss.

Langhus Gård Parking garage

Norsk Epoxy applied our new polyurethane coating, GjøcoPur Park System, to Langhus Gård Parkeringshus.

Contact us about thermosetting plastic

We have employees with several decades of experience from the industry, and have the expertise required to deliver exactly the solution your project requires.


Per Haugnes

Per has experience from the thermosetting plastics industry as a performing contractor since 1993, and who has been selling at Gjøco since 2017.

+47 71 29 17 00