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Environment and society

The local community and the environment are important to us at Gjøco, and together we contribute what we can to create a good framework and a safe product. We aim to be one of Norway’s leading manufacturers of paints for the decorative market. To achieve this goal, we will offer products of high quality and at the right price, and with good service.



Gjøco AS’s goal is for our activity to have the least possible negative impact on the external and internal environment. Applicable laws and regulations regarding the environment are a minimum requirement. When developing new products and processes, we shall, as far as possible, focus on the lowest possible contribution to the impact on the environment. We do not have emissions to the sea, and emissions to air meet given requirements from the authorities with a good margin.

We are committed to producing environmentally and health-friendly products. Our health and environmentally friendly interior series Bliss is rated and recommended by NAAF, and we have the Nordic Ecolabel on many of our interior paints.

We are Eco-Lighthouse-

We have a health and
eco-friendly interior series as
has NAAF's recommendation.

We are a member of
Green Dot.

We have several products such as
is Nordic Ecolabelled.

NAAF wants to influence manufacturers to develop as health-safe paint products as possible. The criteria are set so strictly that recommended products must both be tolerated by the target groups when the painting work is carried out, and that the paints must be able to dry quickly, so that stays in the indoor environment are as safe as possible in the time after work. To achieve this, it must be ensured that the paints are very low in emissions from the first moment, and that the raw materials do not contain undesirable or harmful substances. The quality must also be at least as good for NAAF-recommended paint products as products they replace.

The Nordic Ecolabel is the official eco-label throughout the Nordic region, established by the authorities to provide consumers with credible environmental information. The brand sets strict requirements for the entire product life cycle – from raw material extraction, production, quality of use and reuse / waste – and to all relevant environmental problems that may arise along the way. Only the best products in their category are able to satisfy the brand’s requirements. The Nordic Ecolabel stands for reduced climate impact, sustainable use of resources and a non-toxic everyday life.

Gjøco AS was certified as an Environmental Lighthouse in 2015, and focuses on the following areas: Transport, emissions to the environment, energy consumption, waste management, purchasing and aesthetics.

Work environment

Our employees are the most important input factor for the company to achieve the goals we have set. We have a good collaboration with our occupational health service, and have regular surveys of the working environment in relation to noise, ergonomics, air quality and well-being.

We can offer:

  • A workplace where you are visible and heard
  • Many exciting work tasks
  • Hectic and rewarding work environment
  • Good HSE policy
  • Many nice work colleagues
  • That you get the opportunity to contribute to a company with local roots

Social role

Gjøco AS is an important company for the local community. We have just under 50 man-years and constitute a large workplace in Gjemnes municipality. Gjøco AS contributes to a richer infrastructure that has positive ripple effects for schools, shops, local industry and transporters. As the only significant paint manufacturer in the county, we are helping to increase the breadth of the industrial environment. We are also an international company with employees from several countries.