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News! Paint with silky matt gloss

Matte colors have long been an interior favorite. With the new Manor Paintmaster, you can get a modern, subdued look on the house wall as well.

It is precisely the silky matte gloss that makes the paint stand out on the market, says Ingeborg Singsås Venås, technical manager at Gjøco. Gjøco’s new outdoor paint has been named Herregård Paintmaster and is a water-thinned hybrid paint with gloss grade 7.

With the new paint series, Gjøco fills a need in the market. Matter paint is something that more and more people are asking for.

Completely different color reproduction

– In living rooms and bedrooms, matte surfaces have long been popular, and it is often the case that trends start indoors – before they continue outside, says Venås.

– The matte means that you get a completely different color reproduction on your house walls. A calmer and more harmonious look. Paintmaster is suitable for all types of houses, but we expect that those with new, modern houses will be first in line, she smiles.

Matte paint goes very well with concrete, which often characterizes modern funky houses.

– It completes the architectural look, explains Ingeborg Singsås Venås.


Self-cleaning effect

Paintmaster will be part of Gjøco’s high quality series, Herregård. This means that the paint is suitable for rough, Norwegian weather.

– Paintmaster is very weather resistant and will have long maintenance intervals. It has a self-cleaning effect against dirt and grime to keep the wall as pretty as possible, as long as possible,

– In addition, it is very good against black fungus and greenery, which becomes increasingly important as the climate becomes milder and winters wetter, concludes Ingeborg Singsås Venås.


Manor Paintmaster: In short

Manor Paintmaster is a water-thinned hybrid paint with a silky matte sheen. The paint has the following properties:

Extra long maintenance intervals
Superb color and gloss stability
Total wood protection with self-cleaning properties
Extra effective against dirt, black fungus and fouling
Covers very well and is easy to use
Gives a beautiful, muted facade with gloss 7

It is particularly suitable for the following applications:

Exterior cladding of pine and spruce that will withstand a harsh, Nordic climate
Paintable facade panels of eternit and metal.

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