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Manor Terrace stain Oil-based

Herregård Terrace stain oil-based is a solvent-based stain intended for outdoor use on terraces and garden furniture made of impregnated wood.

Herregård Terrassebeis contains pigments and UV stabilizer that protects the wood against sunlight degradation and film preservative against black fungus. Herregård Terrace stain oil-based is durable, penetrates well and prevents cracking of the substrate. Can also be used on larch wood, but only 1 coat.

With good preparation and by following the instructions for use on the packaging, you get a good result.

  • Oil-based terrace stain specially developed for harsh Norwegian climates.
  • Particularly durable surface with optional gloss, more coats give higher gloss.
  • Easy to apply, gives a great result that lasts extra long.
  • Maintenance interval up to 3 years, preferably longer depending on load.
  • Can be used on most types of wood, only 1 coat on harder / fatter woods.
  • White spirit thinning allows it to be used from 0 degrees.
  • Withstands rain for 1 hour after application at 23 degrees and 50% humidity.

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