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The expert’s best tip: How to color your home

Create your own home with the colors you like best. There is no final decision, says Astrid Mienna.
Stue maling slett vegg, farge Duggrose

Maybe you are one of the 125,000 who follow the Instagram account @miennasverden? There, Astrid Mienna shares tips, advice and inspiration about interior design – a passion she has had for almost as long as she can remember.

– I started subscribing to interior design magazines when I earned my first money as a 15-year-old, and have always been interested in how fashion and color are connected, she says.

– It was my son who advised me to start with Instagram. When I started sharing photos from our brand new funky house with a view of Trondheim, it took off completely on the follower front.


Visit @miennasverden and be inspired!


Creates harmony

Mienna is a trained physiotherapist and acupuncturist, and is trained in seeing the whole in each person. A mindset she has transferred to the interior world.

– We must create harmony in everyday life, both for ourselves and our home. If we clean at home, we also clean our heads, she believes.

She says that harmony also characterizes the color trends right now.

– The focus is on using natural materials, and we see a general shift towards warmer color palettes and earth tones. Sustainable consumption is in the wind, and the corona period has intensified the trend. The warm nature gives us security, so we choose beige, brown and green in the form of plants, she explains.

Nature’s color chart: Here you will find interior color charts from Gjøco

Simple, clean lines

– Of course we also fall for the dusty pastels as well. Those who are particularly successful at this are the estheticians among us, those who value design traditions, with carefully selected interior objects and decorative art objects, says Astrid Mienna.

Simple and clean lines will dominate interior design magazines and Norwegian homes in the years to come.

– A well-coordinated color mix, minimal with trinkets and decorations, and neat table surfaces. It creates a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere, she says and emphasizes:

– The most important thing is that you create your dream home where you live with the furniture and colors that you like best. There is no final decision, and your home is your choice.

Here are Astrid Mienna’s five tips for choosing interior colors:

  1. Map out which colors you enjoy. Look at your wardrobe, check which inspirational pictures you have saved. See what colors you have on your interior, and do not forget the color of the floor!
  2. Think of the house as a whole. Use colors that harmonize across the rooms. This will make it easier to refurnish later.
  3. Do not forget the sight lines. Are there several places in the house where you look through several rooms at the same time? Then it is extra important that the colors harmonize.
  4. Mix color shades. Mix soothing varieties with deeper shades. It gives a more vibrant and varied expression.
  5. Color after use. Do you want the room to give you energy, or do you want to find peace? Remember that different colors have different properties.


Nature’s color chart: Here you will find interior color charts from Gjøco

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